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Nortel Call Pilot

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The solution: Nortel CallPilot Unified Messaging:

CallPilot 5.0 is the technological evolution of Nortel Meridian Mail that delivers superior voicemail functionality as well as advanced Unified Messaging capabilities that enable greater user productivity and cost savings. CallPilot encompasses the Meridian Mail features and functionality that organizations and their users have come to rely on and value. It also offers new capabilities that enterprises of all sizes are discovering as efficient and effective ways to enhance communications. With Meridian Mail either at End of Life or Manufacture Discontinued depending on specific system type, now is the optimal time to take advantage of the power of CallPilot Unified Messaging. This document provides a re-cap of the parity features from Meridian Mail, as well as a detailed look at the important advantages and features CallPilot brings to your enterprise that can simplify and foster collaboration while resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership.

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