American Technology Telephone Inc is a Certified Veteran Owned, Black Minority Owned (MBE), and Disability Owned Business, and Illinois State Certified CMS.


We are a complete telecommunications support company, specializing in  installation and repair.  We pride ourselves on troubleshooting old obsolete voice, data, low voltage systems, in addition to installing the  newer telecommunications technology.

Are you planning on upgrading, but waiting until the time is right?      Let us keep you up and running until you are ready. American Telephone Technology Inc provides a full range of cost-effective solutions. We have access to many discontinued parts. 

 Avaya, Lucent, Nortel, Comdial, Toshiba, Mitel to name a few.


COVID-19 Fast Screening Method For Schools, Special Events and Restaurants. Click on Picture below to see Demo.

                      Temperature screening for schools could become the new norm.

Equipping schools with the right Covid-19 tools, Temperature Screening will help slow the spread.

As school districts plan for reopening, many are considering acquiring technologies that can detect elevated temperatures. While it doesn’t guarantee to determine whether someone has a COVID-19 infection, temperature verification and fast screening in crowded school halls and entry doors, does have its advantages.

We here at American Telephone Technology Inc believe that thermal cameras, are the right tool needed. It's a great initial screening means for processing people as they enter a building. These devices do not detect fever, they just measure the surface skin temperature.



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